In this page I present some papers about landscape, interpreted as a complex of configurations concerning on how the territory has been perceived, pursued, transformed and populated.

Acquacheta: a brief history of a place on the edge of urbanism

Acquacheta valley is a small area in the Apenninnes between Tuscany and Romagna. Its position is marginal compared to the main development process which has been affecting the few Italian plains. The environmental conditions and social interpretations which have transformed it from Benedectine settlement to partisan resistance, and into ‘eco-sophical rural communes’, characterize it as a spatial reserve of sense, both ecological and cultural. Today its inhabitants propose projects aimed at repopulating the area which have to endorse this vocation, extending the cultivated surfaces according to self-sufficiency ecological principles and setting up light structures to enhance people coming and visiting experiences.

Poster (dim. A0) related to the article, presented at the 1st SdT Meeting held in Milan, 17-18 May 2013

SdT_ritorno alla terra_POSTER_1 


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